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Bumkins SuperBib Review

A good bib is worth its weight in gold. It saves on laundry and keeps baby’s outfits clean. One of our favorite bibs is the Bumkins SuperBib.

Ever since Gracie started solids at six months old, she’s been wearing a Bumkins Super Bib. They’re made of a signature fabric that’s lightweight, wipeable, and machine washable. They also come in a variety of cute prints. We bought a three-pack when she was six months old and with regular washing and daily wearing, they’ve lasted her until two years old (and still kicking!). I love products that are made to last.

The Super Bib is a good size too, adequately covering Gracie from six months to her two-year-old frame. It attaches quickly and easily with Velcro at the neck. Gracie doesn’t have much hair but I can see the Velcro getting a little tangled with kids who have longer locks.

Bumkins Super Bib Review

The most useful feature is definitely the pocket. When kids are learning to eat on their own, their still working on their coordination and the pocket puts in a lot of work. At our house we lovingly refer to it as the “second chance” bib. Gracie knows that if something fell in there she can just reach in and try again. Another great feature is that the pocket is flat. We’ve tried other bibs where the pocket stiffly sticks out and it makes her uncomfortable in her high chair.

Overall, the Bumkins Super Bibs are great bibs at a great price. They’re also available in convenient three packs! Check out the Bumkins SuperBib on Amazon.

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