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Funbox Buena Park: What You Need to Know for this Fun Family Adventure

Funbox Buena Park caught my eye on several Instagram ads in my feed. Their fun and colorful aesthetic was hard to miss. I noticed it was their opening weekend and decided to make a spontaneous trip with the family on Saturday.

The Situation

  • Buy your tickets online to streamline entry and reserve your desired time slot.
  • Strollers and wagons are allowed.
  • Bring your own water and hydration.
  • Socks are required (available for a $3 purchase if you forget).
  • Grip socks are recommended for the kids.


Entry into Funbox Buena Park is on a time-slot basis, allowing 90 minutes of play per ticket. I highly encourage purchasing your tickets online. You’ll also be choosing your reservation slot at the time of purchase. If needed, you can also add on a pair of $3 Funbox grip socks while buying tickets. When you arrive at Funbox, pull up the QR code from the ticket email for them to scan and you’ll be good to go. If you purchased socks, this is where you will pick them up.

The Venue

The world’s biggest bounce park in Buena Park is located in the parking lot of the Buena Park Mall. It’s on the west side of the parking lot at the La Palma and Stanton cross streets. This Funbox location is completely outdoors and fenced. Once you enter, you’re greeted with a few seating areas in the center and the bounce activities on the perimeter.

Arrive early for your designated time slot to ensure you can grab a chair in the shade. There are no lockers, cubbies, or storage for your belongings or shoes. I recommend bringing a backpack or something similar to store your shoes while you’re in the bounce houses. Alternatively, you can also bring a stroller or wagon and leave your items in there. Keep in mind that the venue isn’t patrolled so I wouldn’t leave any valuables unattended.

The Fun

My kids, aged 6 and 4, had a blast at Funbox! The playground is broken up into three main areas: a bounce obstacle course, a large multi-room bounce playground, and a toddler bounce house. The designated Toddler Zone is for kids aged 5 and under but didn’t have any personnel enforcing that rule when we were there.

The largest play area includes different attractions full of slides, climbing, basketball, obstacles, and more. Kids (and adults) of all ages will have a great time. If you’re bringing younger kids, you’ll want to make sure you stay close to them as the biggest hazard is usually older kids and adults running past and knocking them down or causing them to fall due to the weight shift of the jumper. Also, the visibility of watching multiple children inside the large playground is poor. If you have more than one kid and they are in different areas it will be impossible to watch them both so you may want to bring another adult with you.

The obstacle course is fantastic. It has a ninja warrior and wipeout feel to it and we took turns racing one another to see who could complete it the fastest.

Our Experience

As I mentioned earlier, our visit was spontaneous, buying tickets on my phone as we were heading out the door. The weather was very warm on the day we went, about 85F at 1:00 PM. The floor of the bounce houses and venue was hot, prompting the kids to bounce around looking for any bit of shade they could step into. I’d recommend visiting early in the morning or one of the later afternoon slots to avoid this.

The only food available inside is snow cones, Gatorade, and water. Outside food and drinks are allowed. Definitely bring water or refreshments for your party because this adventure is a workout and you’ll all need it.

Each time slot is 90 minutes but the attendants start clearing everyone out at about 80 minutes to do some light cleaning. It doesn’t sound like a long time but 80 minutes is plenty of time to explore and play. My kids had such a good time that they were already asking when we can come back while we were still in the parking lot.

If you’re planning on visiting Funbox with your kids, get ready to embrace the chaos. Adults and kids are bouncing around everywhere. Expect it to be crowded but also expect it to be silly and fun. Bounce around with your kids and have a good time!

Funbox logo
  • 8000 La Palma Ave, CA, 90620


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