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Pampers Pure Collection Diaper Review

Pampers Pure Collection Diaper Review

As a mom I’m always looking for that balance of practicality and natural choices. I’m a big fan of EWG and finding products that are healthier choices for my family. On the flip side, I can’t always spend a ton on the “best” organic choice simply due to budget constraints.

When I first heard about the new Pampers Pure diapers and wipes I was super excited. I love when big brands take steps towards making their products more natural and without unnecessary and additional additives. These bigger brands are often able to make these types of products more accessible to the masses and at affordable prices.

I stumbled upon the Pampers Pure display when I walked into Babies R Us and excitedly squeeled to my husband that I’ve been meaning to try these. He didn’t share my excitement *shrug*.

At the time of purchase they were $24.99 for a pack of 52. I also picked up a box of Pampers Pure Protection Wipes which was $15 for six individually wrapped packs (which I’ll review in a separate post).

Pampers Pure Diaper Review

The biggest positive about these diapers are what they don’t include. These diapers are advertised as containing 0% chlorine bleaching, fragrances, parabens, and latex. Pampers also says that they’re made with premium cotton and plant based fibers and are clinically hypoallergenic.

I absolutely love the cute and modern prints on these diapers. I’m not a fan of licensed characters on diapers and prefer when they have their own designs and prints. Another plus for the Pampers Pure diaper is the wetness indicator. It’s a small convenience but I find it useful.

In comparing them to our usual diaper, Huggies Little Movers, the Pampers Pure diapers didn’t feel “wet” on the outside like the Huggies do when they’re super full.

Unfortunately, the diaper fasteners don’t feel very sturdy. This might not be too much of an issue for less mobile babies (newborn to sitting up) but I can see this being an issue for crawling and walking babies. My daughter can definitely take these off on her own.

As with all other Pampers diapers, there isn’t as much thigh room as Huggies. If your baby has chunkier thighs, you might find Huggies have a better fit and conform better.

Also, these Pampers Pure Diapers didn’t seem to hold as much as the Huggies Little Movers. My daughter is a big water drinker and the Huggies Little Movers are the only ones that can seem to keep up with her.

I’ve enjoyed using these diapers for daytime use especially knowing that they’re a more natural option for my baby. With my second baby on the way, I will probably opt to use these Pampers Pure Diapers at the beginning and switch to the Huggies Little Movers when she’s crawling and walking.

The Pampers Pure diapers are available in sizes Newborn through 5 and at most retailers that carry Pampers.

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